: Language Courses

Language Courses

Foreign language preparatory courses in degree programs are conducted by the DEU School of Foreign Languages. Students are required to take the language proficiency exam and students who get enough points in this exam, or in an equivalent international foreign language exam, are exempted from the preparatory education.
The other platforms for foreign language education are DEDAM and DESEM.

Dokuz Eylul Unıversıty Language Research And Teachıng Center  - DEDAM
DEDAM is a language research and teaching center founded by Dokuz Eylul University to lead the universities in the field of Turkish as a foreign language in Turkey, especially those in the Aegean region. DEDAM aims at doing language research and conducting language training courses in general. In particular, DEDAM’s priority is teaching Turkish as a foreign language and doing research on Turkish.

DEDAM, which is the first language research and teaching center opened within Dokuz Eylül University, primarily serves to teach Turkish with an original and innovative educational approach in a contemporary education and training environment, while contributing to the field with teacher trainings for those who want to become teachers of Turkish as a foreign language.

DEDAM aims to become an international language center for teaching Turkish and modern language research in Turkey. In line with these purposes, language courses are organized and projects are carried out in fields such as linguistics and language teaching.

Dokuz Eylul University Continuing Education Center – DESEM
DESEM, which has been working to provide inclusive and qualified lifelong learning opportunities to all segments of the society since 1998, directs its activities, which it carries out in cooperation with all units of the University, internal and external stakeholders, by taking into account the objectives of the top policy documents and the strategic priorities of the University.

Dokuz Eylul University, registered as one of the cultural heritages of Izmir, in order to contribute to the training of qualified human resources by organizing continuous education and development programs for participants from different education levels in all fields where Dokuz Eylul University provides education and research, apart from associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programs. DESEM, which carries out its activities in the Rectorate Building, has transferred its services to the digital environment depending on the changing conditions and needs. Apart from face-to-face trainings, DESEM continues its mission of disseminating current and universal information by reaching wider audiences regardless of location with online and hybrid programs, and increases its success rate every year.

Making use of the academic and scientific knowledge of the university, DESEM, which produces educational consultancy services and corporate training solutions as well as pioneering programs, contributes to the establishment and development of University-Industry collaborations for the development of vocational and technical education.

DESEM, which has become a brand with professional and career development programs, personal development programs, foreign language and exam preparation training programs, since 2001, with the thought that cinema is not just an entertainment tool, taking into account its artistic function, with the distinguished examples of Turkish and World cinema, it has become the focus of culture and art film enthusiasts.