: Credit Mobility and Recognition of Prior Learning

Credit Mobility and Recognition of Former Learning

New Registration:

Following the completion of the preparatory class, the students who are subject to the preparatory class must start the program in which they are registered, and the other students must apply to the related faculties of the faculties, institutes and colleges with an application for exemption within the first week of the academic year.

The exemption requests of the students who apply for exemption are decided by the unit boards of directors within the framework of the relevant legislation. Taking into consideration the courses that the student is exempted from, which class or semester the students will start the program is determined. With the approval of the institute board of directors it can be given exemption from the lessons to the students who become successful in postgraduate entrance exams and did their final registration, with the proposal of the department. However, total credit of the lessons that are given exemption cannot be exceeded over 1/3 from the relevant program.

Students who newly registered one of the undergraduate programs at Dokuz Eylül University can apply in order to be exempt from the lessons that they took and succeeded from a higher education program previously.

Undergraduate Transfer:

Transfers can be done among Higher Education Institution’s same diploma programs or diploma programs in the same higher education institution.
In Dokuz Eylül University, the transfer between programs and between departments and institutions is made by the commissions and boards established in faculties and colleges within the scope of the relevant legislation, provided that they are ranked according to their success rates and in equivalent programs.

In applications made from foreign universities, the higher education institution where the student is studying abroad and the program where the education is carried out are recognized by the Higher Education Council as an institution authorized to give an associate degree or bachelor's degree and the equivalence of the diploma program that the student applies for transfer to the associate degree or bachelor's degree program is accepted by the related university are the condition of acceptance.

According to Dokuz Eylül University Postgraduate Education Regulations, the successful students who completed at least one semester in a postgraduate program can apply undergraduate transfer to postgraduate programs. Acceptance requirements for undergraduate transfer is determined by management.

Vertical Transfer:

Transfer of candidates who are graduated from two-year vocational school to four year undergraduate school (Vertical School) transactions are made by ÖSYM according to results of vertical transfer exam and considering candidates’ preferences.

For students who have right to start undergraduate education according to faculty’s provisions of legislation people who took equivalent lessons during undergraduate education may be given exemption.
In programs, education is in foreign language and mandatory foreign language preparatory class for students to start undergraduate education they should pass english exemption exam prepared university by and success at foreign language preparation class.

Double major/ minor:

University students who fulfill necessary conditions opportunity will be provided for double diploma by receiving education in chosen second undergraduate program in addition to current undergraduate program. In similar way students can gain expertise in second undergraduate program by participating in minor program in another department. The conditions to receive minor certificate are to successfully graduate from major program and miner program has to be completed with minimum 2.0 GPA.