: Academic Guidance

Pre-undergraduate and Undergraduate Consultant

Academic consultant is chosen from primarily in faculty members and if there is not enough faculty member they are chosen from department/program’s academicians in the beginning of the academic year by related department/program’s head of department.

Master Degree Thesis Advisor:

In masters programme, the institute offers a thesis advisor frım university's departments till the end of the first semester. The confirmation process is completed with institute board meeting. Advisors are chosen among permanent lectures. In case there is no qualified lectures among the universities, another lecturer from another university can be chosen with board meeting's decision.

Doctorate / Qualification in Art Thesis Advisor:

The institute offers a thesis advisor and a topic of thesis that is determined together by the advisor and student, to related institute. The thesis advisor and thesis topic is determined with institute board meeting. Thesis advisor must be assigned within two semesters.

Thesis advisor is chosen among permanent lectures. In case there is no qualified lectures among the university, another lecturer from another university can be chosen with board meeting's decision.

Dokuz Eylül University The Office of Career Planning & Alumni Relations (KPMI)

is the unit affiliated to the rectorate of our university, which primarily works to prepare students for business life in the best manner, secondly to make connections between students, alumni and representatives of the business world, to guide students and alumni in line with their goals, and additionally to increase the preferability of our university in the eye of prospective students. KPMI was established in order to ensure the institutional cohesion and belonging of all our students ever since they are eligible to be a student of our university. It was also established in order to help them discovering their potential and career orientation, also help them to determine their career goals. KPMI also aims to prepare our students for the work life in the best manner, conveniently with contemporary conditions and facts, those students actually are our qualified human resource potential at the same time. Thus KPMI, eventually aims to increase employability of our alumni.

Target Audience:

  • DEÜ Students
  • DEÜ Alumni
  • Students in university-choosing period to start their university life.
  • Employers
  • Institutions and organizations related to Career Development

Activities and Services:

  1. Individual Career Counseling
  2. Career Days / Fairs
  3. Information and Introduction Meetings
  4. Organizing Job / Internship Interviews and Exams
  5. Announcing Job / Internship Ads and Career Opportunities
  6. Conference, Seminar, Research Projects and Education Groups
  7. Introducing Career and Education Opportunities Abroad
  8. Collaboration and Communication with Alumni
  9. Informing the Student Candidates at the University Preference Stage·


  • To ensure the institutional cohesion and belonging of our students from the beginning of registration,
  • To support them in preparing for their work life in the best manner,
  • To strengthen cooperation with private and public institutions by introducing our qualified human resource potential to the business world,
  • To increase the employability of our students and alumni.
  • Öğrencilerimizin, kayıttan itibaren kurumsal uyum ve bağlılıklarını sağlamak,


  • To strengthen the ties between university, student and business world, by supporting career counseling services, personal development education groups and career days organizations,
  • To coordinate relevantly to purposes of internal (student communities, academic units, administrative units, etc.) and external (other universities, chambers, non-governmental organizations, etc.) stakeholders,
  • To support our students for adapting university life as soon as possible by orientation activities,
  • To organize educations, seminars, conferences and meetings to support the students' academic skills as well as their personal development,
  • To improve communication and cooperation with alumni by maintaining the “Being from Dokuz Eylul” connection which is established during the student years,
  • To contribute strengthening the reputation of our university by the qualified workforce, cooperation and relationships established with alumni that we have brought to the business world.

KPMI is responsible for coordination in all activities of The Presidency of The Republic of Turkey Human Resources Office intended to our students and Alumni. With the purpose to shape the future vision of our university together with our alumni, to further the communication and cooperation we have established, to ensure the continuity of our interaction and finally to strengthen our graduate network, KPMI also undertakes the coordination of activities intended to our alumni and the Alumni Information System (MBS). KPMI, which also carries out the organization of the Alumni Card application, is in direct contact with our alumni.

Contact Information:
KPMI Address: DEU Tınaztepe Campus, Student Activity Center (Univercity Park) Buca / Izmir
Phone: +90 (232) 301 78 91 - 92 - 93 - 94 - 98 Fax: +90 (232) 453 68 51 r
Website: kariyer@deu.edu.tr

Facebook: deukariyer Twitter: deu_kariyer Instagram: deu_kariyer Youtube: DEU Kariyer