: Student Affairs Office

Student Affairs Office

Duties of the presidentship are as follows: Examination Of The Higher Education Institutions (YKS),  undergraduate transfer, acceptance of the foreign students, determining the students’ quotas, doing the preparations about the registration procedures of the students, doing the registrations for the students who were placed according to the regulations related with the acceptances from abroad and for the students who were placed in the undergraduate and two year degree programmes with the Turkish bursaries,  to pursue the residence permits of the foreign students which were registered to the two year degree programmes and to the undergraduate degree programmes, following the personal informations of the registered students, transferring the new informations about the students to the YOKSIS, to pursue the procedures of the education fees of the students , preparing the statistical datas, preparing and writing the Diplomas and the Diploma Supplements for the students who are going to graduate, following all of the scholarship procedures, preparing the student identification cards, preparing the Academic Calendar, Works on the regulations, instructions and the application issues about the university , following the curriculums abut teaching and education and the number of the classrooms, procedures which are related with the opening and closing the faculties, schools, departments and programmes.

Head Office of the Student Affairs Offices
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