: Meals


DEU Health, Culture and Sports Facilities Directorate has 4 main kitchens. There are 20 dining halls within our university. An average of 10,000 people a day in these dining halls is provided lunch, dinner service for evening education students and DEU Girls Dormitory and DEÜ Boys Dormitory students. Additionally the kitchens serve the remote campuses like Torbalı, Seferihisar, Selçuk, Urla, Kiraz, Foça and Bergama.  The fixed menu consisting of 4 dishes is prepared with the help of dieticians according to the daily nutrition  requirements of the students.

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Fast-food, cold-hot drinks and ready-to-eat services are provided to our students with 14 canteen-cafeteria affiliated to our presidency.
All DEU students can benefit from the social facilities managed by DEU Health, Culture and Sports Facilities Directorate.

Tinaztepe Social Facility

This facility is on the Tinaztepe campus and consists of cafeterias, restaurants, ball room, coffee shop and games room.

Cati Restaurant

Cati Restaurant is located on the top floor of the DEU Rectorate Building and serves the DEU members and students.