: Work Placement Possibilities

Work Placement Possibilities

The aim of the internship helps students learn how the institutions work. They apply the educational knowledge in the institutions in different sectors and they gain experience. The university students in different universities and the students in the middle schools also get benefits from these opportunities.

Compulsory training is done in the Faculty Of Education in Buca and in the following faculties: Faculty Of Medicine, Faculty Of Fine Arts, Faculty Of Engineering, Faculty Of Letters, Maritime Faculty, Faculty Of Nursing, School Of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Reha Midilli Foca School Of Tourism Management and Hospitality, Izmir Vocational School, Vocational School Of Health Services, Vocational School Of Justice, Torbali Vocational School, Seferihisar Fevziye Hepkon School Of Applied Sciences.

Internship and vacancy positions are sent to the Coordinator Office of the Career Planning and Communication with the Graduates by some firms. Apart from the internship and job advertisements which were presented by the firms which attended the Career Fairs and The Introductory Meetings, informations are sent to announce the interviews which are done by the organizations on the interviews of work and internship. These advertisements have been announced on social media by the representatives who work at the academic units of our university and who work with our representatives.

Apart from the different institutions and foundations, Dokuz Eylul University has given opportunities to work as trainees in the Dokuz Eylül University Research and Application Hospital, Department of Construction, Department Of Information Technologies.