: Language Courses

Language Courses

Foreign language preparatory courses in degree programs are conducted by the DEU School of Foreign Languages. Students are required to take the language proficiency exam and students who get enough points in this exam, or in an equivalent international foreign language exam, are exempted from the preparatory education.
The other platforms for foreign language education are DEDAM and DESEM.

Dokuz Eylul Unıversıty Language Research And Teachıng Center  - DEDAM
DEDAM is a language research and teaching center founded by Dokuz Eylul University to lead the universities in the field of Turkish as a foreign language in Turkey, especially those in the Aegean region. DEDAM aims at doing language research and conducting language-training courses in general. In particular, DEDAM’s priority is teaching Turkish as a foreign language and doing research on Turkish.

DEDAM, the first language training and research center to be founded within the body of Dokuz Eylul University, aspires to serve teaching primarily Turkish and other languages as well, with an authentic and an innovative approach.

DEDAM aims at being both an international center of attraction for research and teaching Turkish and other modern languages in Turkey. For this purpose, DEDAM instructs language courses and runs projects in the fields of linguistics and language teaching.

Dokuz Eylul University Continuing Education Center – DESEM
DESEM, which is located in Dokuz Eylül University Rectorate building in Alsancak, has become an education and meeting point for not only university students but for all individuals in İzmir and its vicinity in order to transfer contemporary and universal knowledge through its activities that are carrried out by its two managers and eight employees. In this respect, it has been serving progressively more students through the years, with successful results.
DESEM organizes certificated education programs, seminars and a variety of courses within its 2568 m2 area consisting of 3 conference halls, 5 classrooms, 1 computer laboratory by means of its proficient teaching staff of both university professors and also other expert professionals. These education programs are provided with a wide spectrum that comprise foreign languages, personal development and career, vocational, law, business and management courses.
Moreoever, DESEM fulfills its mission and social, cultural and artistic responsibility toward the society with the best quality movies.