: Academic Guidance

Pre-undergraduate and Undergraduate Consultant

Academic consultant is chosen from primarily in faculty members and if there is not enough faculty member they are chosen from department/program’s academicians in the beginning of the academic year by related department/program’s head of department.

Master Degree Thesis Advisor:

In masters programme, the institute offers a thesis advisor frım university's departments till the end of the first semester. The confirmation process is completed with institute board meeting. Advisors are chosen among permanent lectures. In case there is no qualified lectures among the universities, another lecturer from another university can be chosen with board meeting's decision.

Doctorate / Qualification in Art Thesis Advisor:

The institute offers a thesis advisor and a topic of thesis that is determined together by the advisor and student, to related institute. The thesis advisor and thesis topic is determined with institute board meeting. Thesis advisor must be assigned within two semesters.

Thesis advisor is chosen among permanent lectures. In case there is no qualified lectures among the university, another lecturer from another university can be chosen with board meeting's decision.

Dokuz Eylul University Planning and Relations With Graduates Coordinators Office

Planning and relations with graduates coordinators office, which was established in 2011 as a direct related office to rectorship, aims to prepare students to working life in the most suitable way, connect students to working life executives, provide consultation regarding students' needs and conducts projects to strengthen our university’s position among other universities when it comes to university choices.

It conducts projects to strengthen the tie between our university and its students by providing consultation with the aim of shaping their career.

All the students studying at our university and all the candidates are primary targets of this office and all the activities can be grouped under 8 main titles.

Individual Career Consultancy

Providing consultancy service on individual career planning, CV preparation, interview techniques, applications for job and internship, career and sector presentations, alternative career plans, career in the public sector, applications for postgraduate and graduate examinations (ALES, YDS), etc

Career Days / Career Fairs Support Works

Ensuring communication by supporting the organizations career days / career fairs that are held with the help of student groups within the scope of faculties in order to bring students together with business world, determination of seminar topics and execution of the organizations.

Information and Introductory Meetings

Ensuring the presence of the students in environments that would contribute to their career preferences by meeting with public and private sector representatives under the name of “introductory meetings” and by getting to know the sectors, companies and institutions closely that the students are interested in. Besides, ensuring information for the students about the academic and vocational subjects that they want to get in sessions with public and private sector representatives by means of “Information meetings”.

Organizations of Job / Internship Interviews and Examinations

Ensuring that companies and institutions come together with the students / graduates to have interviews in physical environments for the open positions.

The Announcement of Job / Internship and Career Opportunities

Ensuring communication between the students and graduates and the companies via internet and announcement posters about the job notices and intern demands.

Conference / Seminar / Research Projects

Organizing conference, seminar with respect to students’ demands on various topics that would support their vocational and personal developments in accordance with the cooperation of the different faculties and student groups of the university.

The Presentations of Education and Career Opportunities Abroad

Informing students about postgraduate education, job and internship opportunities abroad with career opportunities in international organizations.

Cooperation and Communication with Graduates

The Coordination Office that aims at protecting and developing the relation of the students after graduation endeavours to create platforms between the principal and the personnel with a common university identity. How graduates’ careers have been shaped and their contact information is followed meticulously.


Office: DEÜ Tınaztepe Yerleşkesi Öğrenci Aktivite Merkezi (Univercity Park) Yanı Buca/İZMİR
Telephone: 0 232 301 78 91- 92-93-94-98
Fax: 0 232 453 68 51
Website: kariyer@deu.edu.tr