: General Admission and Registration Procedures

General Admission Requirements

1-Turkish Students

First Cycle (Bachelor's Degree/ Undergraduate)

Student placements and admissions are regulated by the Higher Education Law and the decisions and regulations of the Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK) based on this law. The relevant information for the students is displayed at the Dokuz Eylul University Registrar’s Office web site: https://www.deu.edu.tr/deuweb /ıcerik/ıcerik.php?Code=105
The admission processes of Dokuz Eylul University are carried out by the Registrar’s Office of the rectorate and the related guidelines and regulations can be seen at:

Detailed information regarding evaluation and placement exams can be viewed at: https://www.osym.gov.tr
The below-mentioned departments of Dokuz Eylul University accept students via talent assessment exams: Fine Arts Department of Buca Faculty of Education, Faculty of Fine Arts, State Conservatory, School of Sport Sciences and Technologies

The application requirements are displayed at: https://www.deu.edu.tr/DEUWeb/Duyuru/DuyuruIcListe.php?duyuru_id=240&PAGE_ID=1

Second And Third Cycles (Graduate)

Applications and Selection Exams regarding Second Cycle (Master's Degree)
Graduate students who score a minimum of 55 and above from the Graduate Level and Academic Personnel Exam (ALES) conducted by The Assessment, Selection and Placement Centre (OSYM) can apply for second cycle programmes. However, an ALES result is not required for applications to the Fine Arts and Conservatory departments.
Application and Selection Exams regarding Third Cycle (PhD) and Proficiency in Art
Candidates who score a minimum of 60 and above from the Graduate Level and Academic Personnel Exam (ALES) conducted by OSYM can apply for third cycle and proficiency in art programmes. Additionally the candidates must have a score of minimum 60 from the Inter-university Board Foreign Language Exam or an equivalent score from another officially recognized exam. The medical school graduates that will apply for the third cycle programmes of the Graduate School of Health Sciences must have a minimum score of 50 from the Specialization in Medicine Exam (TUS) from the categories of basic medicine (for applications to basic sciences) or clinic medicine (for applications to clinic sciences).
The quotas, application requirements and application calendar are displayed on the Registrar’s Office at the web site: https://www.deu.edu.tr/DEUWeb/Duyuru/DuyuruIcListe.php?duyuru_id=240&PAGE_ID=1

Foreign Language Preparatory Education

Dokuz Eylul University provides foreign language preparatory education to first and second cycle students by means of its School of Foreign Languages. English, French or German preparatory education lasts one academic year, and, a Foreign Language Proficiency Exam is given every September to evaluate the student language levels.
The students are deemed as successful if they score minimum 70 form 100 in the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam. If students have certificates from an equivalent national or international language exam with equivalent scores, they are exempt from preparatory education.
Recognized equivalent national and international exams: ”Test of English as a Foreign Language”, IELTS, CPE, CAE, FCE, KPDS, ÜDS, DELF, DALF: “Diplome Approfondi de Langue Française”, PNDS: “Prüfung für die Nachweis Deutcher Sprache”, DSA: “Deutche Sprach Ausreichend”, ZD: “’Zertifikat Deutch”, (C1)’ Geoethe Zertifikat: Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung, Goethe Zertifikat (B2), Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung(ZOP), Deutches Sprachdiplom (GROBES/KLEINES), Deutche Sprachfrügung Gür Den Hochzchulzeugang (DSH).

2-Foreign Students

A new procedure has been adopted since the 2010-2011 academic year for the admission of foreign first cycle students who will cover their own education fees and costs. The Central Foreign Students Exam (YOS) has been withdrawn and Universities are entitled to admit students via the national or international exams of other countries based on the recognition conditions of the Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK).
The foreign student quotas and application calendars are determined by the university Senate and displayed at the Registrar’s Office web site. https://www.deu.edu.tr/DEUWeb/Duyuru/DuyuruIcListe.php?duyuru_id=240&PAGE_ID=1
Foreign students are admitted to Dokuz Eylul University via the Dokuz Eylul Foreign Students Placement Exam (DEYOS)
Every academic year, the quotas and admission requirements for foreign students to first cycle programmes are displayed by Student Affairs Directorate at web site: https://www.deu.edu.tr/DEUWeb/Duyuru/DuyuruIcListe.php?
If applicants are eligible for admission, the diploma equivalence and recognition of prior education is reviewed and approved by YOK. Admission is not complete until YOK's approval.
The foreign students who will apply to graduate programmes must apply to the graduate school management and present their transcripts (including all the courses and success of their study) and personal data along with an application letter. These students are not required to have equivalency documents. However, the Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK) must approve the equivalency of their diploma and education content if these students are found eligible for admission
The foreign language for foreign students is Turkish. The students must prove their Turkish proficiency via the certificates of national Turkish language centers or institutes and then they are exempted form Turkish language provision.
The students who cannot present any Turkish proficiency certificate are allowed to improve their Turkish language skills for 1 year and are exempted from the studies.
The students who have graduated from an university providing education in Turkish are exempted from the Turkish proficiency requirement. PhD study candidates must have minimum score of 55 from the national foreign language exam or any other approved equivalent exam in English, French or German. If the mother tongue of the candidate is different from the education language of the program for which he/she has applied, then the candidate must take the foreign language exam of the programme. Foreign candidates must take the national Academic and Graduate Study Entrance Exam (ALES) or any equivalent exam ie. GRE, or GMAT.
Graduate study candidates who are official scholars or who are on exchange programmes are reviewed by the Turkish Higher Education Council. Those students are admitted to graduate studies by YOK’s approval and the decision of the Graduate School Administration.

3-Exchange Students

The operations of exchange students within Erasmus+ and Mevlana Programmes are managed by International Relations Office, though it is managed by relevant faculty/graduate school if it is within Academic Collaboration Protocols.

Registration Procedures

The results of the nationwide student placement exam are transferred to Dokuz Eylul Student Database automatically. The registration documents prepared by the Registrar’s Office and brochures are posted to the students for online registration. Students enroll online with their passwords.
After completing this procedure, the students present the required documents on the announced dates. Besides, students can register on wwwps://turkiye.gov.tr, the Turkish Higher Education Council section with their e-state passwords.
The registration processes for the students who will be placed (via pre-registration and assessment exam results) are completed by the related institutions.

The registration procedures for eligible graduate students are done by the related graduate schools on the announced dates.
The undergraduate students have to renew registration at the beginning of each semester and select their courses in accordance withDokuz Eylul University Short and First Cycle Education and Examination" Legislation.