: Student Affairs Office

Student Affairs Office

The first registration preparations of the students, the information follow up and update of all students, follow up of student fee contributions and the the contribution credits of Higher Education Scholarship Scholarship and Dormitories Institution(KYK), military service deferments, preparing the statistical data. 
Preparing diploma and diploma supplements of the graduates, follow up of all scholarships, preparing the student ID cards.
Determination of academic calender, The issues of preparing and follow up of the related Legislation, follow up of course plans, faculty/school/department opening and closing issues.
Dokuz Eylül University Student Affairs Office Dokuz Eylül Universitesi Rektörlüğü 
35210 Alsancak / İZMİR 
Tel: +90 232 412 14 01
Faks: +90 232 412 14 03