: Student Associations and Clubs

Student Associations and Clubs

In our university, there are total 150 groups including 29 rectorate community and 121 faculty, collage and technical collage managed by DEU Health, Culture and Sport Facilities Directorate.

Communities/ Clubs connected to our Rectorate

Mountaineering and Extreme Sports Community (DEUNDAK)
Cave Research Club (DEUMAK)
Underwater Sports Community (DEU-SAT)
Aviation and Paragliding Club (DEHAVK)
Photography Community (DEFOT)
Kemalist Thought Association (ADT)
Fantasy, Science Fiction and Intelligence Games Community (DEUFBKT)
Discussion Community (DEUMT)
Bicycle Community (DEUBIT)
Dance Community (DEUDANS)
Sailing Community (DEUYT)
University-industry Collaboration Community (DEUSANIT)
Community Volunteers (TOGDEU)
Fenerbahceliler Student Union Community (DEUFEB)
Caucasian Folk Dances and Community
Marbling community (DEUET)
Capoeira Community (DEUCAP)
Fighting Erosion and Natural Resources Protection Community (GENC TEMA)
University Biomedical Students Community (DEUB)
DEU Entrepreneurship Community (DEUGT)
DEU EXPO Student Community (DEUEXPO)
DEU News September Student Community (DEUHE)
DEU University Students Beşiktaş Football Team Community (DEUBJK)
DEU UltrAslan Student Community
DEU Socialist Student Community (DEUTOT)
DEU International Student Community
DEU Volunteers Community
DEU Disagreement Resolution Community
DEU LOSEV Volunteers Community

The Societies and Clubs of Faculties/ Schools

Buca Faculty of Education Communities
Theatre Society (BEFTT)
Science Society
Communication Society
Social Sciences Society
Student German Society
Student Physics Society
Education of History Society
Culture and Nature Society
Society of Interdiciplinary Young Trainers  
The Francophone Society
Information Society  
Society of Primary Class Education  
Society of Geography Students
Society of Pyscological Consultancy Students
Society of Turkish Literature Students
Society of Mathematics Teacher
Society of Special Education Student
Digital ants Student Society
Nature Academy Student Community

Faculty of Science’s Communities
Computer Sciences Society
Chemistry Society
Math Society
Physics Society

Faculty of Letters’ Communities
Philosophy Society
History Society
Translation Society
Linguistics Society

Faculty of Fine Arts’ Communities
Culture Society
Graphics Society
Society of Hunting and Fishing  
Ceramics Society
Society of Music Sciences

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences’ Communities
Social Politics Club
Music Club
Political Science Club
Academy Club
Public Economy Club
Economy Club
Information Age Society
Economy Club
Society for Research of Turkish Folklore (DIFAT)
Human Resources Club  
Career and Management Club  
Business Club
Photography Society (DIFOT)
Young Entrepreneurs Club
Republic Ideology Society
Turkish World Economic Research Community
Cinema Club  
Public Administration and Scientific Thinking Society
Social Responsibility Society  
9. page Book Readers Society
Control Club

Faculty of Theology’s Communities
Computers and Internet Society
Yakamoz Literature Society
Anadolu Culture and Communication Society
Philosophy Society
Visual Arts Society  
Critical Thinking Society  
Young Minds Society  
Mefkûre Society (Lofty Aim Society)
Turkish Music Student Society
Knowledge and Wisdom Society
Academic Culture and Wisdom Community

Faculty of Business’ Communities
Faculty of Business Administration Club

Faculty of Architecture’s Communities
Young Planners Society
Architecture Society

Faculty of Engineering Communities
Student Society of Industrial Engineering 
Student Society of Machinery Engineering
Environment and Technology Society
Student Society of Textile Engineering 
Alternative Energy Resources Society
Student Society of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering  
Engineering Activity and Coordination Society (MAK)
Engineering Actors Theatre Society (DEMO)
Student Society of Geophysics
Communication Society of Mining Engineers
Geology Society
Gecit Student Society
Robotics Society
IEEE Student Society
Cinema Society of Engineering 
Student Society of Bird Watching
Computer Society

Faculty of Maritime’s Communities
Society of Maritime Ethics  
Society of Maritime
Society of Vessel Modelling

Faculty of Nursing’s Communities
Theatre Society
Society Against Drugs and AIDS  (UYAD)
Cinema Club
Ethic Student Society
School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Community
Physiotherapy Society (DEFT)

Faculty of Medicine’s Communities
Society of Folk Dances 
Scientific Research Society
Music Society
Medical Student Theater Community
Society against Infectious Diseases, Drugs and Cigarette 
Society of Humor
Readers Society
Society for Poetry
Society for Healthy Life 
EMSA Student Society
“El Ver Hayata Tutunsun” Student Society

Faculty of Law’s Communities
Law Theatre Society  (HTT)
Comtemporary Law Society  (ÇHT)
Law Melody Society (HET)
Turkish Law Society 
Ideal Law Society
Science and Philosophy Student Community

Faculty of Reha Midilli Foca Tourism’s Communities
Tourism Activities Society 
Foca Recreation and Animation Society

İzmir Vocational School’s Communities
Electronic Communications Society 
Chess Society
Theatre Society
Information Society
Entrepreneurial Tourism Society
Local Governance Student Society
Marketing and Career Student Society
Photography Society
School of Health Sciences Community
Society of Science Philosophy
Torbalı Vocational School Community
Society of Arts and Culture