: Sports, Social and Cultural Facilities

Sports, Social and Cultural Facilities

Culture and Sports 

DEU Health, Culture and Sport Facilities Directorate organizes the Spring Festival every year and coordinates the several art activities , prepares the brochures, posters and promotional materials and supports the student society activities.
We share the honor of being a DEU member especially during the Spring Festival. The spring festival is organized in May every year with the objective of giving a break to the academic year weariness and socializing. In this festival DEU students and staff have the opportunity to present their skills and meet with artists, sports people and scientists.

Additionally, the student societies exhibit their skills and products and promote their activities and even sell their products on the stands during the spring festival
DEU Health, Culture and Sport Facilities Directorate  and  DEU Student Societies together organize the “Traditional Student Festival” with the content of Theatre Festival, Rock Climbing, Kite Festival  and organize exhibitions, social responsibility projects and traditional activities.

Sports Activities: Every year the Rectorate Cup is held for several sports branches,  participation in Turkey's University Sports Federation games, licencing the student sports people and organizing sports courses. The students and DEU members can use the sports centers at lunch time and evenings along with their normal course hours
DEU Health, Culture and Sport Facilities Directorate manages 5 closed sports halls, 2 football areas, 2 open tennis courts, 2 closed dancing salons and 2 fitness salons on campuses besides the 1 beach volley field and 2 open basketball fields in the student recreation center. Besides, a 22 737 sqm synthetic athletic track and football pitch is serving on the Tinaztepe Campus

Amphi Theatre

The amphi theatre is managed by DEU Health, Culture and Sport Facilities Directorate, which opened in 2012 and covers 22 000 sqm with a capacity for 5050 people and 257 cars and serves mainly for graduate ceremonies and concerts and the spring festival.

Student Recreation Facility

The Student recreation facility, foundend in 1986  is in Seferhisar Urkmez (60 km from Izmır) and  managed by DEU Health, Culture and Sport Facilities Directorate and serves DEU students and members. The facility will serve as an international congress center with the current extention and renewal operations 
The facility has  double bedrooms with shower, wc, hot water and airconditioning and the accommodation capacity is for 144 people and may reach up to 216 people with additional beds. There is a 200 people capacity conference hall, internet café, TV room, cafeteria, disco, amphi theatre, beach and beach bar in the facility.

İnciralti Semi Olympic Swimming Pool

İnciralti Semi Olympic Swimming Pool is managed by DEU Health, Culture and Sport Facilities Directorate and has 5 lanes and is 25m in length, 12.m width and 2m depth. The DEU students must register after completing the required conditions and they can use the pool at certain hours

Sabancı Cultural Center

Sabancı Cultural Center is managed by DEU Health, Culture and Sport Facilities Directorate. It has been built with the donations of the Sabanci Foundation together with a contribution from the Governorship of Izmir. It has two main sections in one building over a 5000 sqm closed area.
In the first section  is the Hasan Tahsin Hall with an audience  capacity of 538 people and its stage and wide entrance area provides the facility for theatres, opera, ballet, concerts and exhibitions. It has a folding orchestra pit, 250 sqm (12 x16 m) stage area. A loading elevator is connected to the stage as well as a cinevision curtain of 6x8 m. All these features make this hall a suitable for all kinds of art activities.   
In the second section is the Yuzbasi Serafettin Hall with an audience capacity of 128 people.This hall has a 75 sqm stage area, acoustic  architecture and impressive lighting  systems.
The center has special classrooms for conservatory ballet students, 4 ballet studios and management and academic staff rooms. Each studio has a whiteboard.
The Sabanci Cultural Center provides the best and most modern conditions for conservatory students. The entrance, second floor and fourth floor foyers are used for exhibitions. 
This cultural center has the infrastructure and equipment for all types of art events in Izmir, like concerts, theatres, panels and special events.

Social Services

The social services unit is managed by DEU Health, Culture and Sport Facilities Directorate to realize the social responsibility projects together with the university and students.
The objectives of the projects are to give social service to our students, emphasize social responsibility and bridge between the community and university.
Here are a few examples of the social projects realized by the unit:

Eylul in Traffic

This projects aims to raise the traffic awareness among primary school students

From Campus to Life

This project aims to support students with their university education together with social development and personal growth

Catch the Life

This project aims to raise the awareness against drug addiction.

Have a Tree in your University

This project aims to promote awareness ownership emotions in university students and staff and to increase the green areas on the campus.