: Cost of Living

Cost of Living

The cost of living (food, accommodation, transportation and stationary expenses) is approximately 500 euro per month. Students can rent a house or stay in the private dormitories near the campuses. Some dormitories offer meals and around the campuses, there are many cafes and restaurants offering quality food and beverages at reasonable prices. Izmir with its vivid social and cultural life and easy transportation network is a reasonably priced city for students to live.

Approximate Cost of living: 

A student one way ticket for public transport: 1,15 Turkish Lira (For all public transport in the city including bus, subway and ferry a transportation card called “Izmirim Kart” is used).
A half liter of bottled water: 25 cents
A liter of milk: 1 Euro
A loaf of bread: 35 cents
A dozen eggs: 1 Euro
A kilo of chicken: 4 Euro
A kilo of beef: 20 Euro
A kilo of cheese: 10 Euro
A kilo of sugar: 1 Euro
Beer (50cl) at a pub/bar: 3 Euro
A Big Mac Menu: 4 Euro
Coca Cola from a shop: 1 Euro
Cinema ticket for students : 5 Euro
Meal at student cafeteria: 2 Euro
Average restaurant meal: 5 Euro
Accommodation 150-200 Euro
Hobbies & leisure time: 100 Euro