: Learning Facilities

Learning Facilities


The central library is on the Tinaztepe campus and it is an outstanding library, not only in the Aegean Region but also the whole country with its variety of resources, modern design and qualified staff and service.

There are a total of 14 libraries in the faculties, schools and graduate schools of our university.
The central library covers 13 000 sqm with a reader capacity of 1150 people. The total capacity of all libraries in our university is 20 247 sqm and 2980 readers.

The central library is open between 8 30 -21 00 on weekdays and 09 00- 19 00 on Saturdays during the academic year.    

Electronic Resources

DEu has subscribed to many online databases for electronic information access and the number is 78 as of 2012.

The number of full text electronic periodicals are 38 486 and we have a subscription to Summon Serach and Serial Solutions for easy access, our readers can search for all the fulltext periodical articles.

The number of electronic fulltext books has reached 153 489 in 2012. We can access around 1 000 000 masters and doctoral thesis from over 1000 universities via the Digital Dissertations & Theses subscription.

Printed Resources

The total number of books in DEU libraries is 324 660. The number of international periodicals is 570 and local periodicals is 813. 20 487 masters and doctoral thesis of DEu are accessible in the central library.

Additionally, 116 social, cultural and literature magazines , 5 daily papers are available in the magazine salon.

Various meetings and lectures are held in the 230 people capacity Conference Hall and 50 people capacity of 3 see-hear service room. The new students can join the orientation visits to the library. Movies can be seen free of charge in the see-hear salons 3 days a week.