: Meals



DEU Health, Culture and Sports Facilities Directorate has 5 main kitchens. There are 12 student and 9 staff cafeterias where these kitchens serve daily 8000 lunches and dinners for students of evening education and 3 meals  everyday to  DEU Student Dormitory. Additionally the kitchens serve the remote campuses like Torbali, Seferihisar and Foca.  The fixed menu consisting of 4 dishes is prepared with the help of dieticians according to the daily nutrition  requirements of the students.
The students can benefit from the food facilities using their smart cards by loading  between 11:45- 14:00.
Additional to these cafeterias managed by DEU Health, Culture and Sport Facilities Directorate, there are also many private run cafeterias around the campuses serving beverages, food and fast food.
All DEU students can benefit from the social facilities managed by DEU Health, Culture and Sports Facilities Directorate.

Tinaztepe Social Facility

This facility is on the Tinaztepe campus and consists of cafeterias, restaurants, ball room, coffee shop and games room.

Eylul Kosk (Eylul House)

Eylul Kosk is used for special organizations with different concepts of design and food varieties.

Cati Restaurant

Cati Restaurant is located on the top floor of the DEU Rectorate Building and serves the DEU members and students.

Activity Center

The Activity Center was opened in 2011 on the Tinaztepe campus with 2 cinema salons (60 people and 66 people capacity) and cafeteria and has a total area of 1950 sqm.