: Student Associations

Student Associations

DEU has 134 societies managed by DEU Health, Culture and Sport Facilities Directorate, 21 from Rectorate and 113 form Faculties and Schools.
The Societies and Clubs of Rectorate
  1. The Society of Nature Sports and Climbing  (DEUNDAK)
  2. Cave Research Club (DEUMAK)
  3. The Society of Underwater Sports (DEU-SAT)
  4. Parasailing and Aviation Club (DEHAVK)
  5. The Photography Society (DEFOT)
  6. Ataturks Ideology Society (ADT)
  7. Science fiction Games and  Mind Games Society (DEUFBKT)
  8. Debate Society (DEUMT)
  9. Cycling Society (DEUBIT)
  10. Rock Society (DEUROCK)
  11. Dancing Society (DEUDANS)
  12. Sailing Society (DEUYT)
  13. University Industry Collaboration Society (DEUSANIT)
  14. Society Volunteers (TOG DEU)
  15. Fenerbahce Fans Student Society (DEUFEB)
  16. Hope to Disabled Society (DEUT)
  17. Caucasian Folk Dances Society
  18. Marbling Society (DEUET)
  19. Capoeira Society (DEUCAP)
  20. Erosion a Prevention and  Preservation of the Natural Life Society (GENC TEMA)
  21. University  Student Biomedical Society(DEUB)

The Societies and Clubs of Faculties/ Schools
Buca Faculty of Education

  1. Theatre Society  (BEFTT)
  2. Student Science Society
  3. Communication Society
  4. Social Sciences Society
  5. German Society
  6. Student Physics Society
  7. History Society
  8. Culture and Nature Society
  9. Society of Interdiciplinary Young Trainers  
  10. French Society
  11. Information Society  
  12. Society of Primary Class Education  
  13. Society of Geography Students
  14. Society of Pyscological Consultancy Students
  15. Society of Turkish Literature Students

Faculty of Sciences

  1. Statistics Society
  2. Chemical Society
  3. Mathematics Society
  4. Physic Society

Faculty of Letters

  1. Archeology Society
  2. History Society
  3. Literature Society  
  4. Music Club
  5. Translation Society
  6. Linguistics Society

Faculty of Fine Arts  

  1. Culture Society
  2. Graphics Society
  3. Society of Hunting and Fishing  
  4. Ceramics Society
  5. Society of Music Sciences

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciencesİk

  1. Social Politicics Club
  2. Music Club
  3. Political Science Club
  4. Academy Club
  5. Public Economy Club
  6. Econometry Club
  7. Information Age Society
  8. Economy Club
  9. Society for Research of Turkish Folklore (DIFAT)
  10. Human Resources Club  
  11. Career and Management Club  
  12. Theatre Society (Artists of Economy – IOTT)
  13. Business Club
  14. Photography Society (DIFOT)
  15. Young Entrepreneurs Club
  16. Republic Ideology Society
  17. Cinema Club  
  18.  Public Administartion and Scientific Thinking Society
  19. Social Responsibility Society  

Faculty of Theology

  1. Computers and Internet Society
  2. Yakamoz Literature Society
  3. Anadolu Culture and Communication Society
  4. Philosophy Society
  5. Visual Arts Society  
  6. Critical Thinking Society  
  7. Young Minds Society  
  8. Mefkûre Society (Lofty Aim Society)

Faculty of Business Administration

  1. Faculty of Business Administration Club

Faculty of Architecture

  1. Young Planners Society

Faculty of Engineering

  1. Student Society of Industrial Engineering  
  2. Student Society of Machinery Engineering
  3. Environment and Technology Society
  4. Student Society of Textilel Engineering  
  5. Alternative Energy Resources Society
  6. Student Society of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering   
  7. Engineering Activity and Coordination Society (MAK)
  8. Engineerings Actors and Corporate Theatre Society
  9. Student Society of Geophysics
  10. Communication Society of Mining Engineers
  11. Geology Society
  12. Gecit Student Society
  13. Robotics Society
  14. IEEE Student Society
  15. Cinema Society of Engineering  
  16. Student Society of Bird Watching

Faculty of Maritime

  1. Sailing Society
  2. Society of Maritime Ethics  
  3. Navigation Club
  4. Society of Vessel Modelling

Faculty of Nursing

  1. Theatre Society
  2. Society Against Drugs and AIDS  (UYAD)
  3. Cinema Society

School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

  1. Physiotherapy Society (DEFT)

Faculty of Medicine

  1. TURKMSIC Society
  2. Society of Folk Dances  
  3. Scientific Research Society
  4. Music Society
  5. Theatre Society
  6. The Society of Nature Sports and Climbing 
  7.  Society against Infectious Diseases, Drugs and Cigarette  
  8. Society of Humor
  9. Readers Society
  10. Society for Poetry
  11. Society for Healthy Life  
  12. Medical Actors Society

Faculty of Law  

  1. Law Theatre Society  (HTT)
  2. Comtemporary Law Society  (ÇHT)
  3. Law Melody Society (HET)
  4. Turkish Law Society  
  5. Law Research and Youth Society  (HAGET)
  6. Folk Dances Society
  7. Ideal Law Society

Reha Midilli Foca School of Tourism and Hotel Management

  1. Tourism Activities Society  
  2. Foca Recreation and Animation Society

Izmir Vocational School 

  1. Electronic Communications Society  
  2. Chess Society
  3. Theatre Society
  4. Information Society
  5. Entrepreneurial Tourism  Society
  6. Local Governance Student Society

School of Health Sciences  

  1. Society of Science Philosophy

Torbali Vocaional School

  1. Society of Arts and Culture