: Language Courses

Language Courses

Foreign language preparatory courses in degree programs are conducted by the DEU School of Foreign Languages. Students are required to take the language proficiency exam and students who get enough points in this exam, or in an equivalent international foreign language exam, are exempted from the preparatory education.
The other platforms for foreign language education are DEDAM and DESEM.


DEDAM is a language research and teaching center founded by Dokuz Eylül University to lead the universities in Turkey, especially the ones in the Aegean region. DEDAM aims at doing language research and conducting language training courses in general. In particular, it designates teaching Turkish as a foreign language and doing research on Turkish as its priority tasks.

DEDAM, the first language training and research center to be founded within the body of Dokuz Eylül University, aspires to serve primarily teaching Turkish and other languages as well, with an authentic and an innovative approach.

Turkish as a foreign language, English, German, French, Italian, Greek, OttomanTurkish, Russian, Spanish Courses. For more information please visit


DESEM is the Continuous Education Center of DEU. It is a learning facility for the community for various courses like foreign languages, personal development, hobbies and free public seminars. Special certificate programs in business administration, management, quality management, etc are also offered for companies upon their demand. The trainers and lecturers of the center are academic staff and business professionals from and out of DEU. DESEM is located in Alsancak, the city center and has several halls for meetings, congresses and seminars and an exhibition area. DESEM also serves the community with its movie house and film club along with many other cultural organizations. DESEM is not merely a learning center, but also a connection between DEU and the community where latest universal knowledge is disseminated with the motto “Creating Tomorrow Today”.
It basically aims at teaching primarily the students, the personnel at DEU and everybody in the best way. For this aim, foreign language teaching, computer courses and individual development courses are offered. Besides special training programs such as Business Administration, Management, Quality Training etc. are held for companies as they demand. Educators are academicians and professionals who work at the university. With the history, experience and modern education methods, DESEM fulfils a wide variety of educational needs. DESEM, provides English (Basic, Speaking,Translating, Exemption Courses), German, Russian, İtalian, Spanish, Japanese, Latin courses. For more information please visit