: General Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning

General Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning

New Registration:

Students who register for one of the undergraduate programmes of Dokuz Eylül University  (DEU) can apply to be exempted from the courses he/she has already taken (and succeeded in) prior at any other higher education institutions. The applications for exemption must be submitted  before the semester starts. The case for exemption of the students who apply for exemption is decided by the relevant facility’s board of management, according to the relevant regulations. In which class or semester the student will start his/her programme is determined by taking into consideration which courses the student will be exempt from,

Upon the offer of the department to the students who have both succeeded in the postgraduate enterance exam and have registered (and with the decision of Institute's board of management), students can be exempted from the courses he/she has taken before on the condition that the courses they will be exempt from cannot exceed one third of the credits the student needs to complete the programme.

Horizontal Transfer:

Transfer can be done between the same diploma programmes of different higher education institutions or different dipolma programmes of the same institution.

Interprogramme, interdepartment and interinstitution transfers in DEU can be done in scope of the relevant regulations, through the decisions of the commissions of faculties, schools and relevant boards, and according to the students' success grades and sorting lists of the eqivalent programmes.

Students cannot transfer to the first and last semesters of associate degree diploma programmes, nor the first two and the last two semesters of undergraduate diploma programmes.

For applications from universities abroad, it is necessary that the institution where the student has recieved his/her education and the student's programme are recognised by Turkish Higher Education Council as instutions authorised  to award associate or Bachelor degree diplomas, and that the diploma programme to which the student is registered is equivalent to the associate degree or undergraduate diploma programme for which the student is applying to as a transfer student.

According to the DEU Postgraduate Education and Training Regulation, horizontal transfer students are not accepted for programmes of the Graduate Schools.

Vertical Transfer:

In vertical transfers, students who have the right to start their undergraduate education can be given an exemption by the Faculties/Schools from the courses equivalent to those he/she has taken during their associate degree education in scope of the relevant regulations.

For programmes presented in foreign languages with a compulsory preparatory class, transfer students have to either pass the language profiency test of the university or attend the preparatory class and succeed.

Double Major/Minor:

On the condition that Dokuz Eylül Students fulfill the required terms, it is possible for them to receive education in a second undergraduate programme in which they are interested, alongside the undergraduate programme to which they are registered,  and get double diplomas. The students can also attend a minor programme in another department and gain expertise in a second branch. The students who undertake a minor programme are given sub-branch programme certificates along with their major undergraduate diplomas.

Exchange Students:

A course adaptation protocol is signed between two higher education institutions, where a student is already registered and when he/she has successfully completed courses abroad, in order to ensure no loss in their educational semesters.

A Learning Agreement is signed by the department coordinators from Dokuz Eylül University for students who will go abroad on an exchange programme. In order to ensure academic recognation, Faculty Board Decisions should be issued indicating the syllabus (considered equivalent to the native courses that would have been studied at DEU) to be followed while abroad (the courses being recorded in the Learning Agreement).

For this academic recognition to be valid the content of the courses involved, whilst not being expected to be exactly the same, are expected to closely match the courses (by content and educational achievements) offered by the partner university abroad.

The Proof of Recognition is issued by the department coordinator after the student completes his/her education and returns to their home university. Recognition is approved after taking into consideration the transcript sent by the partner university.

A transcript indicating the students' ECTS credits and grades is issued and given to the students who return from their exchange programme after they complete their education.

Recognition of Informal (certificate based) and Nonformal (experience based) Education:

Turkish Higher Education Institutions are at a starting point in this matter. National and international examinations such as TOEFL, DALF, PNDS, IELTS, CPE, CAE, FCE, YDS, DELF, DSD, TELC, ZMP, ZOP are accepted in terms of foreign language proficiency. Except for these examinations above, neither certificate based nor experience based prior education is recognized by our university.