Description of Individual Course Units

Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type Of Course D U L ECTS

Offered By

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Level of Course Unit

First Cycle Programmes (Bachelor's Degree)

Course Coordinator


Offered to

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Course Objective

Graduation Project is the major design course of the program. In this course the students are expected to design a complicated system, a component of a system or a process using the knowledge and abilities acquired through their studies. In this course students search, learn and complete the task of the topic taking the realistic criteria into consideration. This course aims that the project team of the students produce a design project, hand it in as a written report, present and defend it orally.

Learning Outcomes of the Course Unit

1   To use the knowledge and abilities acquired previously in the project work,
2   To design a complicated system, a component of a system or a process,
3   To find solutions to problems faced during the project work,
4   To be able to evaluate the parameters and outcomes of the topic,
5   To complete the project carrying out a team work,
6   To obtain right sources and correct information for the Project,
7   To carry out the Project work accordingly to realistic criteria,
8   To be able to defend the project work and the project outcomes effectively in the written and oral form.

Mode of Delivery

Face -to- Face

Prerequisites and Co-requisites


Recomended Optional Programme Components


Course Contents

Week Subject Description
1 Formation of the student teams, handing out the Project topics , first meeting of teams General information on expectations, rules and work schedule
2 Coordination meeting (a) (a) The meeting of the student team and the coordinator lecturer.
3 Coordination meeting
4 Coordination meeting
5 Coordination meeting
6 Coordination meeting I. Midterm report (b) (b)The report is to be written in the usual thesis format and three copies are handed in by 12:00 on the last workday of the week.
7 Midterm exam week
8 Coordination meeting Evaluation of I. midterm report
9 Coordination meeting
10 Coordination meeting
11 Coordination meeting II. Midterm report
12 Midterm exam week
13 Coordination meeting Evaluation of II. midterm report
14 Coordination meeting Graduation Project handling Graduation Project is handed in by 17:00 on the last workday of the week.

Recomended or Required Reading

The students must carry out a literature survey on their project topic.

Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Scientific discussion, oral presentation, written report, laboratory or industrial plant work.

Assessment Methods

Successful / Unsuccessful

Further Notes About Assessment Methods

Information related to the Graduation Project course such as student responsibilities, evaluation of the Project work, the components of the final grade, and all other information on the running of the course is given in detail in the web site of the department.

Assessment Criteria

Attendance to project meetings, completion of the weekly tasks and discussions in meetings will be taken into consideration in the assesment of the Project work. Final Project report and oral exam by Graduation Project Evaluation Committee will be considered to see how far the learning outcomes are met by the Project work. The evaluation criteria of the course are given the web site of the department.

Language of Instruction


Course Policies and Rules

Student must attend the weekly Project meetings, and they are expected to be well prepared for the discussions and completed the weekly tasks of the Project. The course is run accordingly to the rules of Graduation Project course of the department.

Contact Details for the Lecturer(s)

Prof. Dr. Ümit CÖCEN
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department,
Floor:2 Room:288
phone: +90 (232) 301 74 58
e- mail:

Office Hours

Meeting dates will be arranged on agreement by the project coordinator lecturer and student team.

Work Placement(s)


Workload Calculation

Activities Number Time (hours) Total Work Load (hours)
Practice (Reflection) 12 2 24
Preparations before/after weekly lectures 12 5 60
Preparation for final exam 1 10 10
Project Preparation 1 200 200
Final 1 1 1
TOTAL WORKLOAD (hours) 295

Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes