Editöre Ulaşın Research Interest   SUMER

(a)     Perform, encourage and coordinate national and international scientific and technologic research and applications, such as the design of monitoring systems, data analysis, modeling and GIS for water resources management and flood control;

(b)     Plan and execute collaborative studies with domestic and foreign universities, other research institutes and international organizations;

(c)      Perform research and project studies (hydrologic monitoring programs, water supply, irrigation, urban drainage and infrastructure systems, riverbed rehabilitation) in various fields of water resources management and flood control; and, to realize future requests in this direction from official, private and individual persons;

(d)     Perform research and studies to be contributed to the action plans proposed on national and international platforms in the field of water resources; to effectively represent the nation on international platforms, regarding developments in water issues;

(e)     Organize and participate in national and international seminars, conferences, symposia and other similar scientific meetings;

(f)       Organize and carry out courses, summer schools, and similar post graduated and/or training programs; to provide certification related to these activities if required;

(g)     Develop current research, application and education infrastructures at the university, related to the water resources development and management, and flood control;

(h)     Cooperate with various domestic and foreign official and private institutions in managing education, research, study and publication activities; and, to utilize knowledge and human resources of these organizations;

(i)       Realize all kinds of national and international publications associated with the main objective of the Center; to produce periodicals; to participate in and contribute to the publication activities;

(j)       Perform projects, analyses and similar studies required by domestic and foreign public and private organizations; to fulfill technical assistance, advisory and counseling services;

(k)      Provide all kinds of facilities and equipment to realize education, research, assignment, project and publication in the area of water resources;

(l)       Perform other studies in accordance with the mission  of the Center; and, the goal and priorities of the Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK).

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