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First Semester

ECN 101 Economics I 3 (3+0)

Principles of economics. Fundamental facts and principles of economics. Brief introduction to types of markets in relation to circular flow of income. Product markets. The price system, supply and demand analysis. Theory of production and distribution.

MAN 101 Introduction to Business Administration 3 (3+0)

An introduction to the business. Basic concepts and principles of organization and management. Description of function of management: Planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Organizational structure and forms of organizational structure. Detailed discussion of basic business functions. Relationship of management functions and the issues in management practice.

MAN 167 Introduction to Law 3 (3+0)

See Department of Business Administration.

MAN 195 Business Mathematics 3 (3+0)

This course provides exposure to problem solving, sets and operations. An introduction to Algebra, Statistics and Probability will be covered as well as in-depth study of Discrete Mathematics including functions, equations, inequalities, graphs, networks and trees. Differential calculus and its applications to Business and Economics.

THM 101 - Introduction to Tourism and Travel Industry 3 (3+0)

This course reviews the tourism industry in general, historical development of tourism and travel, early travels and travel motivators, sub segments and subsystems of tourism industry, and the tourist business and the types of tourism establishments are analyzed in detail. The tourism development within the system, the organization, coordination and distribution systems are also examined. Introductory level information about the general development of tourism industry in the whole world and its structure is covered in this course.

THM 191 Professional Foreign Language I (Fr., Ital. or German) 6 (6+0)

These courses are about the general grammar review and structure patterns of French, Italian or German language. Terminology of tourism and new terms are studied in French, Italian or German.


Second Semester

ECN 102 Economics II 3 (3+0)

National income and its determination, changes in national income, elements of public finance, money and banking, international trade, macroeconomic policy economic growth and development, illustration from the Turkish Economy will be given.

MAN 102 Principles of Organization and Management 3 (3+0)

Introduction to management; functions, concepts, techniques and practices. Basic management functions and processes such as planning, decision making, organizing, staffing, motivating, leading and controlling. Organizational theory and interpersonal communications as they pertain to the management of work groups and organization.

MAN 194 Behavioral Sciences 3 (3+0)

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of factors which shape individual and group behavior in organizational settings. Students will learn how to deal with behavioral problems, to maintain a high quality of work life, to improve individual, group and organizational performance and the manager’s role applying for t he findings of behavioral sciences and using conceptual tools for analyzing and understanding behavior.

MAN 196 Statistics 3 (3+0)

Statistical thinking, describing data, tables and graphs of variables summarizing descriptive relationships, probability, discrete and continuous random variables and probability distributions.

THM 102 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry 3 (3+0)

This course studies the world of hotels and other accommodation/lodging establishments, organization structures of these operations in detail. The important aspects like a brief history of lodging industry, size and scope of the accommodation and hospitality industry, factors influencing hotel development, hotel classifications, hotel industry investments and financing, independent and chain hotel operations are reviewed.

THM 192 Professional Foreign Language II (Fr., Ital. or German) 6 (6+0)

These courses offer systematic practice and principles in listening, speaking and writing skills of French, Italian or German used in tourism, travel and hospitality management. It enables the students to understand and respond in French, Italian or German to an international clientele in a tourism establishment.




Third Semester

MAN 291 Accounting I 3 (3+0)

Presenting accounting information and the uses of the accounting system preparing balance sheets, flows of fund, analyzing the costs and control of the costing system.

THM 201 Human Resources Management in Tourism 3 (3+0)

Topics in personnel management: work analysis, staffing, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, work environment maintenance, labor relations, supervision and leadership techniques, motivation of employees, dynamics, communications in the travel related operations.

THM 203 Tourism Economics 3 (3+0)

The aim of this course is to examine the economic impacts of tourism for a country. The characteristics of tourism demand and supply will be analyzed both on national and international level. Tourism as a factor in economic development and its cultural and sociological effects are explored.

THM 205 Entrepreneurship in Tourism Industry 3 (3+0)

This course relates to; the conditions required managing the small size businesses regarding the differences between small and big businesses. Entrepreneurship, the social and other conditions affecting entrepreneurship, plans of management, source creation and its usage.

THM 207 Tourism Law 3 (3+0)

General principle of tourism law. International legal regulation of tourism. Law on Encouragement of Tourism Establishments and Travel Agencies. Selected topics on rules concerning hotels, coasts, yachting and related areas.

THM 291 Professional Foreign Language III (Fr., Ital. or German) 6 (6+0)

These courses help the students to develop their reading, writing and comprehension skills in French, Italian or German at advanced level. Exercises are done on readings related to tourism.


Fourth Semester

MAN 292 Accounting II 3 (3+0)

This course covers concepts of cost accounting. Control and the cost of material, control of labor costs. Characteristics of process costing systems. Learning the standard costing and cost accumulation systems.

MAN 296 Research Methodologies 3 (3+0)

The basic research techniques needed to locate, use and evaluate secondary resources materials. The approach will be to emphasize techniques by making use of several exercise, computer utilization and/or field study type of work.

THM 202 Management of Tourism Operations 3 (3+0)

Introduction to basic principles of hotel management, managerial functions, strategies, policies, organizational structure and design, the nature of managerial work, problems in hotel operations, decision making and managerial control.

THM 204 Computer Applications in Tourism 4 (2+2)

This course will concentrate on the CRS (Computerized Reservation System) and the package programs commonly used in tourism industry. Topics will be covered in detail about the information technologies employed.

THM 206 - Economics of Tourism Sectors 3 (3+0)

This course covers economics of basic tourism sectors, like hotel economics; hotel income, kinds of hotels, hotel room rates, economic analysis of hotel operations and future trends, restaurant economics: fast-food restaurants, other type of restaurants, economic measures in restaurant operations, airline economics; airline pricing, forecasting air demand, economic future of airlines and cruise line economics, travel agency economics, theme park economics, camping ground economics and rail travel economics.

THM 292 Professional Foreign Language IV (Fr., Ital. or German) 6 (6+0)

A detailed glossary of terms in tourism is covered. Courses include verbal practices of French, Italian or German in tourism studies.



Minimum 60 days of industrial training and submission of reports. The training will be under supervision of the department.




Fifth Semester

THM 301 Marketing in Tourism 3 (3+0)

This course covers basic principles of marketing in tourism. An application of marketing principles and techniques to tourism services. Specific marketing and sales tools will be reviewed. Strategies of marketing sales tools will be reviewed. Strategies of marketing and the development in the tourism markets, having some comparative analysis with competitors of Turkish tourism.

THM 303 Tourism Geography of Turkey 3 (3+0)

The course discusses tourism related demographics and regional allocation of tourism activities in Turkey with an emphasis on natural, historical and archeological attractions along with their characteristics as a tourism product.

THM 305 - Hospitality Finance 3 (3+0)

This course studies hospitality industry financial statements including consideration of the significant relationships among the various accounts found in financial reports of the hospitality organizations. This course also includes topics on tax environment, profit planning, budgeting and forecasting techniques in hospitality establishments.

THM 391 Professional Foreign Language V (Fr., Ital. or German) 6 (6+0)

These courses cover, advanced level grammar review, structural patterns of sentences in French, Italian or German, and the principles of translation techniques.



THM 307 Strategic Management in Tourism Operations 3 (3+0)

Following topics related to hospitality industry will be examined; strategic management and business policy concepts, the relationship between strategy and similar terms, foreign trade agreements, strategic management process and its characteristics, objectives, mission and vision of a business, environmental opportunities and threats, sectoral analysis/internal environment analysis, portfolio analysis applied in strategy selection, strategic organizational structure, strategy and organizational culture, leadership, decision making, strategic bargaining and agreements, creating strategies and applications of businesses.

THM 309 Housekeeping Management 4 (2+2)

Defining housekeeping services and its applications. Principles of housekeeping services will be given in theory in-class. Applications of these services will be conducted.

THM 311 Food and Beverage Management 3 (3+0)

Planning all the food staffing in food and beverage departments of the hotels. Some small food and beverage operations outside the hotels. Kitchen organization, the design of menu, international house promotion in food and beverage, room service, making cocktails, orders taking.

THM 313- Ticketing and Computerized Reservation Systems 4 (2+2) (COI THM 204)

This course introduces the basic airline ticketing rules and regulations, geography and codes, reservation terms and sequences, domestic and international ticketing by using ABC World Guide, Airline Passenger Tariff. Studies IATA traffic conference areas. Studies fares, all kinds of special discount fares, mileage/kilometer calculation, and excess mileage/kilometer routing, refunding and reissuing a ticket. Studies the Computerized Reservation System (Apollo, Sabre, Galileo, etc.) which are used world wide and their characteristics and the areas of usage of those systems.

THM 315- Regional Tourism Planning 3 (3+0)

This course studies the central role of the government and decentralized organizations play in the development of regional tourism and the socio-economic impact of such actions. Specific emphasis is placed on regional tourism planning, encouraging the development of tourism ventures and coordination of tourism related demand and supply factors, both domestically and internationally. Regional tourism planning applications, which are done in Turkey in recent years and their examples, will be analyzed.

THM 317 Humanities 3 (3+0)

This course aims at providing an integrate view of World and Anatolian civilizations. The society, history, economics, politics, media and culture of various countries. A survey of people and their cultures, focusing on the two major historical traditions (Western and Eastern). The varying political events, institutions, technologies and cultures of the west and east are highlighted.


Sixth Semester

THM 302 World Geography and Travel Destinations 3 (3+0)

This course examines the development of the touristic areas of major travel destinations and attractions travelers are journeying to and developments taking place on a worldwide basis. Provides the students with a framework for continuous study of world tourism geography. After the introduction of travel industry and overview of the world, gives knowledge on major physical features, regions, and countries of each of the inhabited continents.

THM 304 - Hospitality Marketing 3 (3+0)

This course covers basic principles of marketing and applications in hospitality organizations. An application of marketing principles and techniques to service operations. International tourism markets and their characteristics. Specific marketing and sales tools at the service operational level are reviewed. A strategy of marketing and the development in the tourism markets, having some comparative analysis with competitors of Turkish Tourism Establishments in international tourism markets.

THM 306 Travel Agencies and Tour Operators 3 (3+0)

This course covers some operations in the classification of the travel trades. Tour operations and its functions on a yearly term. Types of local tour operators and purchasing marketing of those operators. Services documents of the travel firm. Studies of the travel agency business, how to get started in the business, the legal structures, staffing the travel agency, training, promoting products.

THM 392 Professional Foreign Language VI (Fr., Ital. or German) 6 (6+0)

These courses are about translations from French, Italian or German to Turkish and from Turkish to French, Italian or German on topics as tourism such as economics, tourism management and general tourism.



THM 308 Front Office Procedures 4 (2+2)

This course’s main aim is to present the students the functions of the front office, center of communication distribution of information; room reservation, booking and registration check out procedures, room note pricing, rate charges, luggage organization.

THM 310 Restaurant Management 4 (2+2)

Presenting service both in restaurants and in hotels. Service types and history of service in the world. Evaluation of restaurants. Menu planning, a la carte menu design, beverage services. Dish and cocktail service, bar equipment.

THM 312 - Tour Planning and Implementation 4 (2+2)

This course supplies the students with detailed knowledge on preparation, pricing and implementation of tours and packages. It includes the topics of essentials of a tour, advantages of ready made tour packages, different types of tours like advertised tours, individual tours, independent tours, group tours and excursions. Gives knowledge on the consolidated tour manual, brochures and matching client to the package.

THM 314 International Economic Relations 3 (3+0)

The course topics included are; theories about international trade (classic, neo-classic…), customs tariffs and subventions, quotas, liberation of international trade, economic integration, and balance of payments, exchange markets.

THM 316 Travel Industry Accounting 3 (3+0)

This course provides students with the knowledge of travel industry operations accounting under uniform system of accounts and familiarizes them with the industry practices. Reviews basic accounting concepts to provide basic accounting procedures and practices in travel industry.

THM 318 International Marketing in Tourism 3 (3+0)

Marketing and international marketing terms, foreign markets and entrance methods, franchising, joint venture, licensing, management contracts, mergering, international marketing strategies and global marketing.



Minimum 60 days of industrial training and submission of reports. The training will be under supervision of the department.




Seventh Semester

THM 491 Professional Foreign Language VII (Fr., Ital. or German) 6 (6+0)

A review of theory and practice in writing letters, contracts and related document in tourism world. Special attention is given to practical applications and oral skills.



MAN 491 Turkish Labor Law 3 (3+0)

Individual labor law, concept of labor law, the labor contract, obligations of labor contract, termination of labor contract, labor regulation. Collective labor law; trade unions, collective agreements, labor disputes and dispute settlements.

THM 401 Project Analysis in Tourism Sector 3 (3+0)

Defining terms in tourism investment projects. The specifications of tourism investment projects. Development and evaluation of tourism investment projects. Measures of risk and return. Factors influencing investments in Turkish tourism industry.

THM 403 Communication and Reporting Techniques in Tourism 3 (3+0)

The aim of this course is to develop students’ ability to express themselves in both oral and written forms of communication in the tourism business. Presentation, role-plays, simulation, problem solving, job applications and coping with interviews are used in lectures.

THM 405 World Trade System 3 (3+0)

Primary regions and countries in world trade, globalization challenges, international raw material and product movements, multilateral trade negotiations, the role of World Trade Association and similar associations in world trade system.

THM 407 Purchasing Techniques in the Hospitality Industry 3 (3+0) (COI THM 102)

This course is about the selection and procurement for the hospitality industry. It contains three basic parts. First part is about gaining a perspective on selection and procurement. Second part is about principles of selection and procurement. The last part deals with selection and procurement of items like fresh produce, processed produce and other grocery items, dairy products, eggs, poultry, fish, meat, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, non food expense items, service, furniture, fixture and equipment.

THM 409 Hospitality Accounting 3 (3+0)

The objective of this course is to review basic hospitality accounting concepts, to provide accounting knowledge for the hospitality industry and to familiarize the students with practices. Uniform system of accounts for hospitality industry will be analyzed. The characteristics and the differences of the hospitality industry accounting, tax applications in various sectors in different countries, and cost items will be analyzed.

THM 411 Archaeology and Mythology 3 (3+0)

This course covers detailed information on archaeological and historical sites of Turkey. It provides a basis for cultural and heritage tourism management. In addition, it provides students with in depth knowledge on mythology. Especially Anatolia’s historical background, archaeological values and mythological characteristics will constitute the basic subjects of this course. The other regions in the world that show archaeological and mythological characteristics will be studied.

THM 415 Tourism Policy and Sustainability 3 (3+0)

This course studies the central role that governments play in development and sustainability of the tourism industry; each component and specific issues are studied. Government attitudes and involvement at optimum development of tourism, and protection of national resources are analyzed in detail. Criticism of the tourism policies, which are constituted in the various parts of the recent years and evaluation of the current applications, will be included in the course.

THM 417 International Business Management in Tourism 3 (3+0)

International management and its historical background, international trade theories, process of being international and entrance to the international markets, international environment and organizations, balance of payments, environmental factors affecting international corporations.

THM 419 Foreign Capital and Multinational Firms 3 (3+0)

In the course the following topics are included; the international movement area of foreign capital, international investment conditions, the conditions required by the multinational firms in the countries they invest in, the foreign capital requirement of countries and the approaches concerning foreign investments, managing and organizing methods of multinational firms, the enlargement/growing policies of multinational firms, human resources and control in multinational firms.


Eighth Semester

THM 492 Professional Foreign Language VIII (Fr., Ital. or German) 6 (6+0)

These courses cover the translations from French, Italian or German to Turkish and from Turkish to French, Italian or German of commercial, economic and tourism related document. Oral skills of students in French/Italian/German are developed in the lecture. The verbal and written discussions on updated tourism topics are emphasized.



THM 402 Public Relations in Tourism 3 (3+0)

This course develops the skills necessary to proactively interact with the mass communication media. Emphasis will be placed on the ethical responsibilities of a spokesperson and the experience needed to the communication media in a variety of situations.

THM 404 Total Quality Management in Tourism 3 (3+0)

This course deals with basic principles, guidelines and management of total quality applications in the hospitality and travel industry. It contains the steps, cultural and organizational changes the tourism establishment needs to adapt and important considerations in order to apply total quality management. The characteristics and the differences of total quality management, especially in service establishments, will be emphasized with examples, which are currently in use.

THM 406 International Hotel Management 3 (3+0)

This course covers topics of globalization, tourism and the lodging sector, emergence of international hotels and chain establishments, political aspects of international travel, tourism and lodging industry, international hotel investment, development and agreements, management principles and characteristics of international hotels and other operations. It also deals with human resources and cultural diversity and also provides specific knowledge on international hotel operations and global competition.

THM 408 Managerial Accounting for Hospitality 3 (3+0)

This course is designed to provide knowledge of managerial accounting systems as they are used in tourism business. In the course, managerial accounting systems are described in details by using cases and examples from the sector and examining the structure of tourism economy. In addition, course provides a brief but thorough description of basic tools of new cost systems.

THM 410 Current Issues of Turkish Tourism 3 (3+0)

This course is about the updated issues of Turkish tourism, the new trends and challenges, and new markets to appeal. The interesting topics on Turkish Tourism and latest developments of tourism industry are discussed and analyzed. The situation of Turkish Tourism on international platform, its advantages and disadvantages, the effects of the developments in regional competition to Turkish Tourism will be explained.

THM 412 Meeting Industry and Congress Organization 3 (3+0)

This course deals with the basics and principles of convention management. The success factors, the important issues to consider and the trends in meeting industry are analyzed. Essential of meeting development establishing objectives, controlling budgets, programming the agenda, determination of place and site, planning food and beverage, developing the meeting plan and evaluation are studied in detail.

THM 414 Guiding Services in Tourism 3 (3+0)

This course is designed for students planning careers in tour guiding or tour operations. Topics include; tour operations, components of a tour management positions, characteristics of a professional tour guide, the psychology of tour management and internal communications, regional and Anatolian tours.

THM 416 Turkey - EU Tourism Relations 3 (3+0)

This course examines the historical evaluation of European Community; the basis of EC law; basic features, organization and functioning of European Community institutions within the field of tourism. It provides students with legal and budgetary principles of the community’s tourism industry and analyses the tourism relationship (strengths and weakness etc.) of Turkey–EU.

THM 418 Import – Export Management 3 (3+0)

Import and export terms and the general characteristics of them, national and international import and export legislation, practices and incentives, bank credits applied concerning import-export, letters of credits, insurance policies, letters of guarantee, ways of using Eximbank credits, export and import management and export incentive policies, historical development and frame of import-export, governmental aids comprised in export incentive policy, Tariff Union and export incentives, import-export management included in foreign trade.

THM 420 Facilities Management in The Hospitality Establishments 3 (3+0)

The hospitality industry relies heavily on well-designed facilities as a key element of its business. Guests desire a safe and a comfortable environment in which to conduct business, entertain, relax and sleep. That is why facilities play an important role in meeting guests’ needs. This course studies the role, cost and management of hospitality facilities, managing maintenance needs, facility systems, electrical, laundry and lighting systems, safety and security systems, waste management, food service equipment, energy management, facility design including both lodging and food service.

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