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Dokuz Eylul University was established on the 20th of July 1982 under Decree No. 41: "On the Organization of Institutions of Higher Education" with the aim of training people in a wide range of disciplines like health, economy, art, engineering, etc. in order to contribute to the financial, technical and social development of our society.
In its foundation,
          Faculty of Fine Arts,
          Faculty of Law,
          Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences,
          Faculty of Engineering,
          Faculty of Architecture,
          Faculty of Medicine,
          Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology,
          Vocational School of Judicial Practices,
          Aydın School of Tourism and Hotel Management
from Ege University;
          Buca Faculty of Education,
          Denizli Faculty of Engineering,
          Faculty of Theology,
          Demirci School of Education,
          Denizli School of Education,
          İzmir Vocational school
                  from Ministry of Youth and Sport ;
          İzmir State Conservatory
from Ministry of Culture and Tourism and
          Muğla School of Management from Ankara Academia of Economics and Commercial Sciences were affiliated to Dokuz Eylul University.
Our university initiated its first teaching and academic activities in totally 24 institutions including newly established;
          Faculty of Science and Letters,
          Graduate School of Social Sciences,
          Graduate School of Health Sciences, 
          School of Marine Business and Management,
          School of Education,
          School of Art Education.
          In 1983, Institute of Principles of Atatürk and History of Revolution was founded and School of Art Education was closed.
          In 1987, Manisa School of Finance and Accounting was changed into Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences;
          Denizli Vocational School, Regional Development and Administrative Sciences Applied Research Center (BİMER), Aegean Regional Studies Applied Research Center (EBAMER) were established.
          School of Marine Business and Management in 1988,
          Muğla Vocational School in 1989,
          European Union International Affairs Applied Research Center (ATMER),
          In 1990, Vocational School of Health Services and Vocational School of Theology,
          In 1991, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Letters and Environmental Studies Applied Researched Center (ÇEVMER) were launched.
Dokuz Eylül University reached up to
          13 Faculties,
          5 Graduate Schools,
          13 Schools,
          6 Centers and
          4 Departments located in five major cities in Aegean Region (İzmir, Manisa, Aydın, Denizli, Muğla) totally 41 academic units in its 10th year.
In 1992, our university supported 4 new universities to be founded and,
          Faculty of Veterinary, Faculty of Agriculture and School of Tourism and Hotel Management in Aydın were affiliated to Adnan Menderes University,
          Schools of Management and Vocational Schools in Muğla to Muğla University,
          Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Muğla, Demirci School of Education and Physical Training and Sports Program to Celal Bayar University,
          Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, School of Education and Vocational School were affiliated to Pamukkale University.
In 1992,
          Torbalı Vocational School
          Faculty of Business
          School of Nursing,
          School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation,
          Oncology, Hemodialysis and Transplantation Ins.
          Graduate School of Fine Arts,
          Graduate School of Educational Sciences,
          Institute of Religious Sciences,
          Faculty of Architecture ,
In 1995,
          Textile, Pret a Porter and Dyes Applied Research Center (TEKBOYAM),
In 1997,
          School of Foreign Languages, 
In 1998,
          Caucasia and Middle Asian Applied Research Center (KOMER),
          Geothermal Energy Applied Research Center (JENARUM),
          Continuous Education Center (DESEM),
In 2001,
          Earthquake /Seismic Applied Research Center (DAUM)
          Statistic, Risk and Actuary Applied Research Center ( IRAMER)
          Water Resources Management and Water Related Natural Disasters Control Applied Research Center (SUMER),
In 2002,
          Intelligence Dynamics Multidisciplinary Applied Research Center,
In 2004,
          Legal studies Applied Research Center (DEHAMER),
          Boat Construction Technologies Applied Research center (TEKNEMER),
          Center for Near Surface Geophysical Archeological Prospection (SAMER),
          Fauna and Flora Applied Research Center,
          Conflict Resolution Applied Research Center (AÇMER),
In 2005,
          Surface Treatment and Damage Analysis Applied Research Center (YÜTHAM),
          Izmir Strategic Planning and Management Applied Research Center (IZISYOM),
In 2006,
          Foreign Language Education Applied Research Center (DEDAM),
          Academic Emergency Medicine and Disaster Training and Research Center (ATAMER),
          Information Technologies Applied Research Center (BIMER),
          Quality and Perfection Applied Research Center (KALMER),
          Family Studies Applied Research Center (ALAUM),
          Power Electronics and Signal Processing Technologies Applied Research Center,
          Rural Institutes Ismail Hakkı Tonguç Applied Research Center (KETAM),
In 2007,
          University-Industry Collaboration Applied Research Center (DESUM),
In 2008,
          Occupational Health Applied Research Center (ISAMER),
In 2009,
          West Anatolian Ceramics Applied Research Center (BA-SER),
          Acoustic and Cognitive Musicology Center and Audio Recording Studio (DABMER),  
          Symphonic Music Applied Research Center (DESOMER),
          Electronic Equipment Applied Research Center (EMUM),
          Women Rights and Issues Applied Research Center (DEKAUM),
          School of Sports Sciences and Technology,
          School of Reha Midilli Tourism and Hotel Management,
          Vocational School of Seferihisar Fevziye Hepkon Social Sciences were founded and
          School of Marine Business and Management was changed into Maritime Faculty.
In 2010,
          Faculty of Science-Letters was divided into two separate faculties as Faculty of Science and Faculty of Letters,
          Cardiovascular Diseases Applied Research Center and
          Distance Learning Applied Research Center (DEUZEM) were launched.
In 2011,
          Osteo Cartilage Tissue Biotechnology Applied Research Center (KEKDOB),
          Home Care Applied Research Center,
          Counselling and Psychological Consultancy Applied Research Center,
          Balkan Region Applied Research Center (DEBAMER) and
          Advanced Biomedical R&D Center were established.
          Power Electronics and Signal Processing Technologies Applied Research Center was closed and
          School of Nursing was changed into Faculty of Nursing.
In 2012,
          Child Education Applied Research Center,
          Medical Law Applied Research Center (SAHUM),
          DEU Palliative Care Applied Research Center,
          DEU Sleep and Consciousness States Technologies Applied Research Center,
          DEU Biomedical Metrology and Calibration Applied Research Center,
          National Clinical Research Infrastructures Network Applied Research Center,
          Transportation Security and Accident Investigation Applied Research Center,
          Bergama Vocational School,
In 2013,
          Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics Applied Research Center were founded and
          Vocational School of Theology was closed.
In 2014,
          Efes Vocational School,
          Aegean Region Cultural Property Applied Research Center, 
          Archeometry Applied Research Center,
          Peritoneal Cancers Applied Research Center and
          Reha Midilli foca Faculty of Tourism founded and School of Reha Midilli Tourism and Hotel Management was closed.
          Advanced Biomedical R&D Center was renamed as Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center.
In 2015,
          Personalized Medicine and Pharmacogenomics /Genetics Applied Research Center (BİFAGEM) and
          Mevlana Applied Research Center were launched;
          Institute of Hemodialysis and Transplantation was renamed as Izmir Biomedicine & Genome Center
Dokuz Eylul University currently offers education in (districts and towns of)
          14 faculties,
          3 schools,
          7 Vocational schools,
          1 State Conservatory,
          5 Graduate Schools
          5 Institutes,
          54 Research Centers;
with 3310 academics (as of February 28, 2015) to 66835 students (as of March 9, 2015).
Last Updated: 10 Ocak 2017

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