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The purpose of establishing four-year undergraduate program for Tourism Management in the Faculty of Business is to prepare students for top managerial positions in the tourism industry.

The Department of Tourism Management offers Bachelor's degrees and certificate programs that combine practical experience with classroom theory to assist the student to gain the understanding, skills, and techniques needed to qualify for job opportunities or to achieve his or her career goals in the hospitality industry.

With the rapid growing potential of tourism as a leading industry in Turkish Economy, the need for well-trained human power with professional knowledge, business sence, human relation skills and the knowledge of foreign languagesare obvious. Due to these necessities, the education is in English language. Emphasis is also given to computer operations and communication skills. One of the three language courses (Italian, French or German) can be elected by the students as a second language.

Total 120 days professional summer training program at any tourism establishment is compulsory. During this internship program students utilize the hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, airlines, and travel agencies as practice labs and find opportunity to put in use the theoretical knowledge they had in classroom.

The department follows a curriculum that is current, flexible, and related to the needs of the hospitality and tourism industry. The curriculum is uptaded regulary every year.


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